8th May 2016


Please read the Global Climate Manifesto – it only takes a few minutes, and it’s a good summary of what we all need to know about fossil fuels, global warming and climate change – click here.

The data described in the Global Climate Manifesto, can be found in the Summary for Policymakers of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, 5th Assessment Report.

Also, particularly when so many people feel powerless, the four-point plan, outlined below, is an appropriate and useful engagement on climate change for each of us – especially in collaboration with our local schools or clubs or workplaces or other community groups:

  1. Send this global climate manifesto, or the url for this website http://GlobalClimateManifesto.com to your local and national political representatives.
  2. Do whatever you can in your local community, with the involvement of your politicians, to reduce the use of fossil fuels and increase power generation from renewables, especially for providing local power requirements.
  3. Ask your politicians to visit your community at least once a year, to keep you updated on their progress, and vice versa.
  4. Also, please share this website, with your friends, family and neighbours as soon as possible, and ask them to do the same.

If enough of us do these things, and in particular while involving our politicians, together we can prevent the very serious consequences of climate change.